by Nora Dates

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recorded in june 2014 by Wesley Johnson at Archive Studios
Art by Alice Ward


released September 12, 2014

we thank our friends and family for all the support we have received



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Nora Dates Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Peach
i'll remember being stoned sitting on the kitchen more than anything from your visit
and the way you became peach and flipping
and i couldn't figure you out
why can't i figure you out
why do i want you
Track Name: Manipulation
considering the manipulation i've done to my body from the self harm
i'm in love with your shadow
i'm in love with the thought of you
we both sound sick, our voices
we're both aging, we're both changing
i hope we die soon
Track Name: Blue Light (Dependency)
Karissa talks about cigarette pants in the blue light of the tv
and i finally feel that i've found my heart again
is it even necessary for me to mention i won't be 16 again
i lack what you want
Track Name: High Yield
buy me.
i want to feel like a product.
make me feel like i can offer you something.
Track Name: Portraits of Margo Tenebaum
i'll break myself
i wouldn't say you're a waste of my time but you're a waste of my time
and i'm left blank a dull fucking weapon a random perception
and i'll rip my jaw right off trying not to speak
and i'll rot your baby teeth right out by speaking so sweetly
all this i said- maybe it's useless- no it is
Track Name: What's Wrong Now
you think that it'd be better if i wasn't such an asshole, because i am so controlling but not controlling over the things within myself that really matter why can't i be happy but when i am positive it's just so fleeting a moment that's brief but it holds me down but it's not the same
Track Name: Anyone I Know
i like to listen to joyce manor and think about how much more i like you than anyone i know and how stupid that is because how little we talk
i want to call you and tell you that
Track Name: Witches & Honey
at very best i'm not good enough for anyone
and i know you'll figure this out
i have value as a food source for these bugs
and not much else

i am an asshole and i don't matter
Track Name: Scream Like A Nazgul
i want to talk about flowers but i lack the confidence in myself
Track Name: Wrestling Imaginary Friends
i understand this now, i saw it coming i never wrote anything for you
feeling friendless i'm sure you know how that feels
when i am surround, i'm fucking stupid
imaginary friendships that i created based in nothing
i wrote this so you could hear it i hope you never hear it
feeling empty and dirty i don't get it misery moves me
i'm just dying

it is okay if i miss you
i never knew you

slit my wrists on the pavement decorated by oil spots and broken glass
because i'm so fucking naive because i'm so fucking useless
I'm joking

please smoke my body